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Custom Label Retail Products

Custom labelling allows retailers to offer something distinct to their customers. It is an excellent way to separate yourself from your competitors. .
Keencost Custom Label
With custom branding, you can create your image and have your own marketing identity. Private Labelling (custom branding) can promote stronger customer recognition and loyalty.

Keencost Agency make it easy for people to develop their own label domestic paper product.  Developing your own label kitchen towel or toilet paper has many benefits and we can help you develop the perfect product to suit your retail environment.

Whether it is a simply a rebranding of one of our tried and tested products with your own branding or something more bespoke;  Keencost Agency has over 30 years experience in helping wholesalers and retailers develop their own-label toilet paper and own-label product; ready for market and will be happy to help you get your product on the shelves.

We can advise and take care of every step of the process for you. 
Arrange product design, manufacture of product, packaging and delivery of product to the schedule agreed.  We can even help assign your product an EAN (barcode) and or any other Store Keeping Unit you require.  All our products packaged in the UK and adhere to all health and safety guidelines for domestic paper products for retail in both countries.

To get the process started simply give us a call or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to discuss details; depending on your business size and history; various options are available.

Keencost Agency’s years of experience will prove invaluable in helping you select the best quality for price ratio for your product.   We can advise on the latest trends in product and packaging and take care of entire project management if needed.  At the heart of the process is making sure you’ll be happy with the finished product and logistics suits your business needs.

In general, we can manufacture product to any specification and if you are unsure about where to start we can also assist you in all aspects of product development including package design. All of our domestic paper products and packaging are manufactured using the latest state of the art techniques ensuring that you’ll have a product that you can be proud of.  

Keencost Agency can take care of the entire delivery and logistics of your domestic paper product line.  We can ensure that your product is manufactured in due time and that your stock is picked-up and delivered directly to you.  The key to providing high quality budget toilet paper and Kitchen roll at a competitive price is how you handle logistics and we feel our experience and customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

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